Cowboy Bob defending his Gulf Coast Title in a match with THE BIG BLUE YANKEE in Fort Whiting Auditorium in Mobile, Alabama

Cowboy Bob getting his hand raised after winning a match for the Mississippi State Championship against THE BIG BLUE YANKEE at the State Fair Grounds in Meridian, Mississippi. "STANDING ROOM ONLY"

Cowboy Bob defending his Gulf Coast Title against THE MEDIC in Fort Whiting Auditorium in Mobile, Alabama. "SOLD OUT"

Cowboy Bob defending his Gulf Coast Title in a match with Greg Valentine,in the City Auditorium in Pensacola, Fl.

Cowboy Bob building his own wire cage for a cage match with Jackie Fargo for the Gulf Coast Title and Loser Leave Town . See pictures below

Cowboy Bob pushing Jackie Fargo's head through the wire.

This picture shows Fargo trying to push Cowboy Bob through the wire. The outcome below.

It may not look like it but Cowboy Bob did win the match retaining his belt and Fargo had to leave town. Bob say's "YOU OUGHT TO SEE THE OTHER GUY"

Cowboy Bob in a match for the Louisana State title with Jack Dalton in Lafayette, La. Bob won the match with a full house cheering him on.

Cowboy Bob having a match with Gorgeous George Jr. for the Gulf Coast Title in Mobile, ALabama at the Expo Hall .

Cowboy Bob in one of his many matches for the Brass Knuckle Championship he was never defeated. This match is with Donnie Fargo in the City Auditorium in Pensacola, Fl. "SOLD OUT"

Cowboy Bob defending the Gulf Coast title againest The Shiek at the Expo Hall in Mobile, Al.

Cowboy Bob being restrained by the Mobile Police after refusing to stop after the referee had ordered the match with Donnie Fargo for the Gulf Coast Title stopped. Bob hit the referee and also knocked an N.W.A. repersentative out. The N.W.A. rep. was in Mobile to check on the matches Bob and Fargo were having, and when he came in the ring Bob did not know who he was.Bob was suspended for his actions in the match and also for his assault on the N.W.A. Rep. This match was held in Mobile Al. at the Mobile Civic Center. Attendance was over 9ooo people.

Cowboy Bob in a match with the Wrestling Pro and winning the Alabama State Title. At Fort Whiting Auditorium in Mobile, Al. " Standing room only"

Cowboy Bob challenges Donnie Fargo to a match on T.V. in Hattiesburg, Mississippi for a return match for the Mississippi State Title.

Cowboy Bob Kelly getting introduced at the Civic Center in Mobile, Alabama as he is about to have a Gulf Coast Championship match with the late but great Bobby Shane. Cowboy Bob won the match in a 'SOLD OUT" arena of over 12,000 screaming Cowboy Bob Kelly wrestling fans.

My Mom and Stepdad " Ruth and William C." Check" Speed. My Stepdad taught me to never quit a job until it's done and done right. My Mom always taught me, if you want something bad enough, and you work for it hard enough, there isn't anything in the world you can't have. I lost my stepdad, "Check" to a heart attack in 1972, just after he made the trip from Louisville, Kentucky to Pensacola, Florida to watch me wrestle Don Fargo in the main event, with a standing room only crowd. It was the only match Check saw me have, other than my first match in 1963 in Middletown, Kentucky. "I LOVE YOU CHECK" and miss you very much. My Mother never watched me wrestle in a live match. Only watched me on tv, and only a taped show, with me sitting with her, holding her hand as she watched. My Mom was 91 & 1/2 years old. She passed away in January 2007. She died in her sleep, no suffering, thank God. I have many many loving memories that I will cherish forever. I LOVE YOU MOM"

This is a picture of Cowboy Bob's five children.He must not have been on the road all the time ' HUH'





1963---1987 Lost you way to soon son. I love you, and miss you. Rest In Peace!!!!


Cowboy Bob's Four-legged family members

ODOM 1969-- 1983

SNOW !976--1998

ANGEL 1998----





Feb. 14, 2010-

The Last Match

After 15 years of being on top
and 10 years before that,
all his opponents wandered
what was going on beneath his hat.

All the time and miles spent on the road,
all the money down the drain,
all the if I'd haves and nearlys,
all the bandages and pain.

All the times he left his family,
all the fever of the fights,
was just a big down payment
on the match he had that night.

A hot flame burned within him,
but his eyes were as cold as ice.
The dues he paid to get there
were worth the sacrifice.

He won a lot of battles
on the way to where he's at.
The Greatest Gulf Coast Champion
and he is exactly that.

His last match was a fierce one.
He had to play the hand he was dealt.
But when he beat Donnie Fargo
he retired and kept his belt.

It took guts and love for what he did
to get a chance at fame.
His legacy is wrestling,
Cowboy Bob Kelly is his name.

This poem was sent to me about a year after I had retired. I was working at Cooper And Company at the time and it was mailed to my office with no name. So the author is unknown.

After I retired from wrestling

I went right into the real estate business and worked for Cooper & Co in Mobile, Al. After about a year my wife Chris got her license and we worked as a team.We were in the top 5 of 150 agents every year. We out sold everyone in the company the last two years. This is a picture of the owners Jack Cooper and his wife Pat presenting us with the top sales award in 1981.

Jack Cooper presenting us with the top sales award in 1982.

An award Chris and I got for selling over a million dollars worth of real estate for five years in a row. 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1982

Selling over 2 million dollars worth of residental sales in 39 days is no easy matter. I could not have gotten it done without my wife Chris.

Mardi Gras In Mobile Alabama

We were elected president of this organization two times. This is the first time and we were King and Queen.

The Queen "CHRIS"

!!!!!!!! Ain't she pretty !!!!!!!
The Love Of My Life

Our children

They were introduced and we got to show them off. !!!!! " IT WAS A WONDERFUL NIGHT " !!!!!!

My brother "ERNIE"

!!!!!!!!! HE IS ALWAYS THERE FOR ME !!!!!!!!!!!

My Sister "PAT"

Pat is lighting candles for a Thanksgiving Dinner at her house in kentucky for us.She has not been able to come to Mobile for a Mardi Gras Ball, but I am thankful to have her and I " LOVE HER VERY MUCH "

My " MOM "

Look how "pretty" she is, when Mom was introduced I was so proud . Nothing else can be said except !!!!!! "I LOVE YOU MOM" !!!!!!!!




This is the 2nd time we were president.We represented the organization as the EMBLEM. And we had another big party. This organization was formed in 1953 we were the emblem in 1997.



This is the most fun thing my wife and I ever done

We went to Arizona and made a movie about the day leading up to the Gunfight at the O K corral. I played Wyatt Earp My wife Chris played Josie Marcus my long time friend Eddie Sullivan played Doc Holliday and his wife Barbara played Big Nose
Kate. The picture above is Wyatt breaking up a fight between Doc and Kate

Ike Clanton and Wyatt

I am having a few words with Ike Clanton

Sheriff Behan, Josie And some of the Cowboys

The Sheriff is introducing Josie to The Cowboys

Wyatts Brothers Morgan and Virgil

My brothers walking the streets of Tombstone

Wyatt arriving at Virgils house

I was asked to a meeting of my brother's wifes. I didn't know until I got there, that they wanted to split up the money and leave Tombstone. I was furious when I heard what they wanted.

Wyatt and Josie

I am trying to take Josie from Sheriff Behan

Josie, Wyatt and Mattie

What can I say I got caught !!!!

Doc and Wyatt

We are having a word with Tom McLaury

Doc,Morgan,Virgil and Wyatt

The walk to the O K Corral

This is Flys Rooming House on left by the O K Corral

This is the beginning of the famous Gunfight At The O K Corral

Doc,Virgil,Wyatt and Morgan

Doc And The Earps arrive at the O K Corral


The gunfight starts

Gunfight over

Wyatt and Josie

What a wonderful ending. We had such a great time.
In November 2000 Eddie Sullivan who played Doc Holiday in this movie passed away. I am proud to have been his friend. I thank God for the 34 years he gave me with Eddie in fun and business. Rest In Peace My Friend.

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