Retired Gulf Coast Champion


Cowboy Bob Kelly and his wife "CHRIS" married in June 1958. This photograph was taking in 1999 in Las Vegas on thier 41st wedding anniversary....

This site is DEDICATED to LEE FIELDS. Without Lee there would be no Cowboy Bob Kelly.


Cowboy Bob Kelly competing in a rodeo, riding a bull in 1956. Bull's name "whirlwind," he was a small but quick spinning bull, he would come out spin to the right then reverse and go left. This is the first bull I was able to make the whistle on. Scored an 86. I'll never forget that ride or that bull.The cowboy to the far left, on the back of the chutes, is my lifelong best buddy Jerry Ginder, He taught me how to ride and also pulled the rope for me that day. Jerry was one of the best bull riders I ever saw.

Cowboy Bob receiving the checkered flag from flagman, Charlie Merrill, for one of his many wins at Mobile International Speedway, He also had wins at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Fl. and Pelican Moter Speedway in Baton Rouge, La. Bob won his first race in a car built and prepared for racing by Richard Kennedy of Mobile, Alabama. His last win was in a car built by Rex Brooks of Pensacola, Florida. Two of the very best, when it came to setting a car up to handle on a race track. Bob says "They both could make my car run like a rocketship. I am very lucky to have had them both as my car builders then, and my FRIENDS today".
Rex Brooks passed away and is buried next door to Five Flags Speedyway in Pensacola, Florida. "Rest In Peace My Friend"
6/18/32-- 12/29/05

Not only was Cowboy Bob good at riding bulls and driving a stock car, he was also an excellent professional wrestler, as you will see just ahead.

Cowboy Bob Winning the Gulf Coast Title

This is the original Gulf Coast Championship Belt Cowboy Bob was awarded to keep as a trophy for sucessfully defending it "156" times in a 12 month period.

Cowboy Bob using his famous "BULLDOG" hold to defeat Bad Boy Hines.He mastered this move and won most of his matches with it.

Bobby Fields and Cowboy Bob Kelly the Gulf Coast Tag Team Champions. They also held the Southern Tag team and the U.S.Tagteam titles

Bobby Fields and Cowboy Bob Kelly along with Mgr. Lee Fields, winning the Gulf Coast Tag Team Belts, defeating DR. Jerry Graham and his Famous Masked Interns at Fort Whitting Auditorium in Mobile, Alabama "SOLD OUT"

I lost my VERY BEST FRIEND. LEE FIELDS, the owner and promoter of Gulf Coast Wrestling in Mobile, Alabama for 20 years, and also the owner and operator of The Mobile International Speedway in Irvington, Alabama for 28years, passed away June 4th, 2000. I loved Lee like a brother, think about him everyday, and miss him very much. "May He Rest In Peace" August 18th, 1930 -- June 4th, 2000

Cowboy Bob defending the Gulf Coast Title in a match with Don Carson, in Dothan, Alabama at the Houston County Farm Center.

Cowboy Bob defending his Gulf Coast Title in a match with Rocket Monroe in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. "SOLD OUT"

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